Este Cann




Helping people to re-member all that’s available through the HEART.

Dropping our consciousness from the mind into the heart because when the heart is allowed to guide the body & the mind it creates coherence: all systems of our body-mind are synced with each other allowing for optimum performance: engage the body’s own healing intelligence, full brain capacity utilized, intuition heightened.

This results in living a life fulfilled and manifesting with ease, generating synchronicity, on your True Soul Path, in Flow and unfolding rather than hustle&grind.

USUAL OUTCOMES of sessions:

peace of mind regardless circumstances, clarity & empowerment in life mission and/or next actions, rapid manifesting: supportive events ushering one towards their goal/s unfolding with speed.


She holds a safe space for her clients to fully BE and express themselves whatever they are dealing with, so she can understand what you wish to manifest and any blocks which may be in your way. Este helps to ground new effective ways of being in your everyday life that cause profound shifts in life quality and self expression. The core aim is to enable to allow ones Highest Self Expression to unfold through connecting to ones Heart, aligning to the Flow of the Universe holding your intention from there: to intuitively clarify and execute ones Soul Mission being on their Soul Path (dharma/ikigai), and MANIFEST with effortless ease, via cultivating Stillness&Love, rather than “doing, hustle, forcing, busy-ness”. Este doesn’t advise or teach anything; she holds a very potent space that causes You to unfold as your Highest Expression of True Self into 3/4/5D reality.


The cost of a One to One session is £150 payable in advance via PayPal and is min 1 hr long. When you book please provide an email address via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment scheduling information will be sent to you promptly.

LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT OFFER: if you book by end of SEPTEMBER 2019 £88 / session

4 months intensive One to One Mentoring

Weekly c 45-60 min one to one sessions via phone/facetime/personal if/when possible, unlimited phone or email/text support in working hours, action steps designed for in between sessions.

Your investment: £1800

£400 deposit payable in advance via PayPal, balance payable by invoice. You will be contacted via email to schedule times once deposit is received.

LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT OFFER: if you book by end of JUNE 2019 £1400

COACHING Testimonials




If you are looking for a transformational coaching experience, look no further! I was feeling stuck in my businesses and felt as if I hit a plateau. Between running a law firm ( and a real estate firm ( and working on making my book a best seller, I had trouble maintaining focus and keeping my energy levels high. Este worked with me to create a custom morning routine that works. She was able to listen to my concerns and deal with them one by one effortlessly. Moreover, she empowered me to deal with them myself. If you are looking for a coach to make a massive difference in your life, ask for Este!

Joseph Fan (Attorney, Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, Author, Non-profit Founder) 

June 2017



Early in 2017, Este Cann coached me over a period of 13 weeks, for half an hour each week, on a special project that I had undertaken. Her consistent, committed support and encouragement was essential for the success of the project, and in addition gave me some key bonus structural improvements to the way I relate to people. This has endowed me with permanent positive abilities in dealing with myself and others. I was also amazed at the technical expertise she displayed and brought to the endeavour and am very happy to commend her to anyone looking for not only a competent but also a truly inspirational coach.

Bob Taylor (qualified chartered accountant and property entrepreneur) 
July 2017

Kajsa BW.jpg


Esté's coaching is spot on, practical and very powerful. Having received coaching from Esté Cann for over a year, I would highly recommend her to anyone who's up to taking things to a new level. I've been working on many things in my life, and since relocating 7 months ago to my home country, having my dear boyfriend in another country, with facing new situations and life-choices, the coaching sessions with Esté has kept me grounded and focused on what's important. She always leaves me empowered and thinking outside what I could ever imagine myself, and I have new clear actions to take. A result is that I now live with the love of my life, I am taking on a dream I had given up on - to pursue my career as a dancer! And my performance as a student went up, I did better at tests, at the same time enjoying it. Surprising outcome!

Kajsa Gottfridsson (Dancer, Entrepreneur)

August 2017

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Este has coached me regarding making progress in executing a business opportunity I've wanted to pursue for a while that is a definite expansion for me in business as well as in finances.
Este's coaching goes straight to the root of anything that would slow down expanding my results and surprisingly impacts other areas of my life too. I saw something new about myself and some ineffective ways of being and acting that I haven't seen before. As a result I was able to not only see clear actions to take and be ready and empowered to take those actions, but also to see new ways of communicating in personal relationships too, that will elevate the quality of that relationship and the quality and effectiveness of my day to day life.

Hussain Ali Khan (Global Alliance Director CBRE)

September 2017