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THE NAKED TRUTH about Este Cann

2020 POLYMATH: multi talented, multi passionate entrepreneur, HEART DOULA. 2020 because not any version of a polymath or entrepreneur that has been known until now. Pioneering heart centered entrepreneurship - only working via Flow, and aligned & inspired action: from a space of having dropped into the heart and allowing business to unfold with divine timing and in divine order, being on her Soul Path fulfilling her Dharma/Ikigai, her Service To All; rather than trying to work it out from the head: pushing, hustling or forcing, or trying to make things happen in the “outside world”.


Of start Modelling Already! - available for purchase worldwide via Amazon. A book for you if you ever considered becoming a model, or your children want to be models and you have “too many” questions that Google can’t answer and model agents won’t answer. My personal mentoring and this book already got people working as models and signed with major agencies.

Planning second book to be published late 2019.


Pioneer in her own field of holding and expressing Soul-Radiance (as opposed to boring and outdated physical beauty), Fullest & Highest Expression of Self, the Self that is unseen: the Sovereign Integral - THE NAKED TRUTH of who we truly are beyond the physical 3D reality... The New Archetype of The Age of Aquarius. Experienced in all areas of modelling, from hair to campaign photo shoots and videos for small and big commercial and fashion brands to runway and showroom modelling during London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Published in various magazines worldwide, such as Vogue Italia. Example of clients: Polaroid Originals, KASHO, Steven Smart, Wella Professional, Robert Eaton @ Russell Eaton Hair, Stafford Hair, Anne Veck Salons, KARBONKYD,,, , MASTERED, HELLAVAGIRL runway, Malene Odderhede Bach, Joshua Millard, and many more.

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Intuitive artist, mostly painting acrylic abstracts. Paintings available for purchase on

Este’s first large scale solo art exhibition took place in September 2017 on Haymarket just off Trafalgar Square in London UK organised by + Impact Hub Westminster. 80 meters of single color red pigment powder paintings made entirely and single handedly by the artist were shown throughout a white and grey industrial style space. The intention was to transform the space by bringing aliveness and movement into a humongous dead concrete cube.


Este Cann is a heart doula: helping people to be reborn in their hearts. Her method results in optimal performance of the body-mind & manifesting magically, effortlessly, with synchronicity; and is based on all her previous learning & experience incorporating all the following:

research, study & practice of HEART COHERENCE of the HeartMath Institute; 5 years of philosophy studies in Hungary’s most prestigious university; 2.5 years as a life coach (and department manager) through Landmark Worldwide an international personal and professional coaching and consulting company. She has successfully coached over 2000 people in short and mid term projects through an ontological coaching method based in language and communication technology. Her performance track record was between 2-5% growth per quarter measured by the success rate of the individuals’ project she coached. She also studied with a Bob Proctor mentor - mainly based in Law Of Attraction and the ins and outs of manifestation. She extensively studied the philosophies and methods of Chi Kung, Ruo Kung Chuan Kung Fu and Chan Buddhism and Taoism. She’s versed and experienced in energy work - able to train clients in clearing their own energetic grid systems. She is an empath with deep compassion and sensitivity to where a client is at at any given moment. Her greatest gift is a completely loving, and compassionate, intentional listening which creates a safe space to fully be where her listening has a healing and clearing effect. Clients report “calmness” and peace of mind as immediate outcome after each session. She’s personally mentored by one of the UK’s most known creative award winning entrepreneurs RACHEL ELNAUGH, former BBC Dragons Den Investor & Mentor. She’s taken training and mentoring from Rita Hraiz in the field of esoteric psychology and study of Dharmakaya (& White Tantra: the access & use of the Electric Fire that is permeating the Matrix & beyond).

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Owns a Certificate of Singer-Songwriter. Has written and recorded multiple songs while living in Denmark 2008-2010, but music took a back seat behind modelling when she moved to the UK in 2011 simply because of lack of resources.

I’m deeply grateful for Your donations, they make a huge difference to me as a creative: they make possible for me to keep creating art, keep singing, to buy art materials, to record YouTube videos, studio time, etc, to keep training myself to be able to be of more & better Service To All. Deep gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May all your donations return to you a thousandfold in divine timing! Blessings & Love